Reading Event at PU

Lahore: Punjab University has organized its first reading event of 2019. Ever year PU organizes several academic events. Eventually, it has completed a year of celebrating events on the promotion of reading culture in the students.

The first event of the year is organized by the Punjab University’s Library Book Club. The event included the introduction of two new books. Amra Raza the chairman of the Department of English Language and Literature introduced the first book on English Poetry. The book named “Ghazal Cosmopolitan” by Shadab Zeest Hashmi. Prof. Amra Raza beautifully narrated the verses from the new book. Moreover, the newly launched book of Qasim Ali Shah was also introduced in the event. The book is titled as “Apani Talaash” was presented was Syed Saleem Abbas Zaidi.

The Deputy Chief of Library has committed to organizing such events every month to promote the culture of reading in academia.


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