QAU Students end the Hunger Strike as the Authorities Restore the Expelled Students

The students protesting against the university to restore their fellow students end the strike as the authorities has accepted their demand after a meeting between the vice chancellor (VC) and Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Baligh-ur-Rehman on Thursday. 
The expulsion of the students have been replaced with 40,000 rupees fine while the students rusticated for two semester have been ordered to deposit 25,000 rupees as fine, according to a notification issued by QAU.
The students involved in the clash happened in May have been warned with strict warning letters as well as their parents will assure the authorities to avoid any incident like this in the future. 
The strikers ended their protest after they were informed about the decision. The crisis begun as the students tried to close down the university for two weeks, last month. They demanded the restoration of the students expelled in May clash which was not entertained by the university. 
The students eventually sat on a hunger strike which became a reason for their demands to be accepted. 

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