Punjab University announces an increase of 10% in the Exam Fees

All the public universities are bound to receive grants from Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Pakistan. Although, a recent cut in the grants and no such extension of budgets by the federal government in the fiscal budget has put financial constraints on the working of universities. Hence, Punjab University has increased its exam fee by 10% for all external candidates.

Following the practice of Punjab University, other public sector universities are also tempted to increase their fees which are highly likely. Contrary to that, private students who purely are private due to their own financial constraints, hence, they study on their own and then appear for the exams. This initiative will further worsen their situation, however, at the same, Punjab University has reduced exam fee for its regular students. Thousands of students that are not able to get admission due to multiple reasons make an attempt as private candidates but they are put into the hot waters.


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