Punjab’s Governor comes to rescue delays in affairs of universities

Whether it is a private or public sector university, both faces numerous delays owing to the bureaucratic involvements. For the first time, Governor Punjab, Ch. Muhammad Sarwar has taken a notice of the case and has directed all government departments to work efficiently. The orders of Governor include that no file of any university shall be delayed more than 10 days. Moreover, strict compliance to this shall be monitored directly from the Governor House. Chief Secretary Punjab has been directed to take strict actions against those offices and even officers, who cause an unusual delay in the affairs of universities.

A notice has also been sent to all departments which states that adherence to the notification shall be made by Law, Health, Industry and Agricultural Departments. In fact, Chief Secretary Office is also bounded by the same notification. Governor Punjab has been an active member of the educational landscape of Punjab and therefore, has taken such a step. He stated that these bureaucratic delays hamper the educational system of the country.

This decision will help the educational institutes of Punjab and Pakistan at large. A key principle of delivering for the people is transparency which shall be ensured by Chief Minister and Governor himself.

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