Punjab Government Approves to Build 34-Degree Colleges in Punjab Province

The Government of Punjab has given the go-ahead to set up 34-degree colleges in the different districts of Punjab. The new project will be establishing colleges for both boys and girls. 24-degree colleges for women have been approved, while 10 has approved for the boys.

Few districts of Punjab cover 3 to 4 colleges, including Jhang, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and Bhakkar, while some only cover 1 government degree college.

Higher Education Department (HED) heads the newly established colleges/2018-19. The Government of Punjab would deal with the big setup of free education of Pakistan’s generation. This mega project consisted not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well. HED has ready to develop the significant and marvelous opportunities for the entire corpus of a student.       

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