Punjab Board has banned pigs’ images in textbooks

The debate has continued for years for revising and revamping the syllabus and material at matriculation and intermediate levels, however, nothing concrete has been done. Some of the baby steps have been taken by the authorities and similarly, the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PTCB) has banned those textbooks that have images of pigs’. The basic arithmetic problems are being solved by students after viewing the images related with it, likewise, the pigs’ images were also existent for the same purpose.

Few of the parents were extremely furious on the same reason and due to its sensitivity, board had to issue a notification by suggesting the ban on all such textbooks. One of the books that had such material was “Infant Mathematics” by Sunrise Publications. It was made loud and clear that such publication has been done without any approval from PTCB. Furthermore, the board said that it is detrimental for the students, hence, PTCB has advised all the publishers to design content in line with the guidelines and present their compliance report over the course of next seven days.


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