Punjab Vocational counsel job fair 2019 will be held tomorrow

A job fair for newly graduated students is going to be held tomorrow arranged by Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) and Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate (QIE) this job fair will provide employment and internship opportunities to TVET graduates on 23 July 2019 a job at Faletti's Hotel Lahore from 09 am to 4 pm

 Objectives of this Job Fair2019 will be included:

1. Job position for PVTC Pass outs

2. The orientation of the pass-outs/trainees to the job market

3. The platform for the accessible skilled workforce (PVTC Pass Outs) to interact with Partner enterprises

4. Supportive Vocational Training (CVT) agreements between VTIs and Enterprises 

5. Unions for OJT (on job training) opportunities between industry and VTI


Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) is rendering services to eradicate poverty from the country since 1998 with the special aid of Government of Punjab. PVTC provides   Zakat Funds to deprived and destitute people. It helps youth in continuing their study to build their career. PVTC is a different kind of institution that teaches skills to youth so that they could earn and become effective and responsible citizens.


 With the help of GIZ, PSDF, UNICEF, JICA, British council, and other national and international development agencies PVTC is broadly contributing towards the poverty mitigation through skill training. PVTC has demonstrated a great job to support the needy student in the field of education and skill learning programmes. EEA, USAID and IYF case study recognized the effort of PVTC for eradicating poverty from the society.


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