PU Opens Research Facility To Develop Energy From Waste

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Punjab, Prof. Niaz Ahmad has inaugurated a new laboratory where the waste would generate energy through the process of conversion.    

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The University Of Punjab (PU), Lahore has generated a new laboratory to develop waste to energy technologies. In addition, the research facilitated laboratory located at the Institute of Chemistry led by Dr.  Zaib-un-Nisa.   

The University of Punjab is the largest and the oldest University in the higher education of Pakistan. It holds a cluster of intelligent and genius student, spreading the quality education into them. Moreover, the energy researched laboratory is one of the mega projects of the University of Punjab. According to the University sources, the project of the conversion of waste to energy represents a marvelous investment of approximately Rs 71 Million.

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PU aims to establish an industrial research laboratory for the conversion of biomass to energy. At the inauguration time, Dr. Zaib-un-Nisa said that the project had produced 3KV electricity and it would be further increased in future.

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