Promotion Policy to be revisited by Education Ministry

During the end of last week, Education Ministry announced the cancellation of all exams with promotion of students to be made based on the previous results. However, all the educational boards registered their concerns regarding the promotion policy of education ministry. The education ministry decided to meet all the provincial educational boards and devise a mutually agreed policy of promotion. The final decision is now being delayed by the education ministry as now the recommendations will be put up at inter-education ministers conference on Thursday and new policy will be announced with mutual consensus building.

The boards have asked the Federal Minister of Education to give them more time for the finalization of recommendations. Major concern for educational boards are those 20% students which are either repeaters, improvers or private students as mentioned by the tweet of Federal Minister of Education. Final decision owing to promotion will be announced by the Ministry of Education on Friday, although, all board exams are cancelled with no exception and policy change to occur in that, however, the decision for repeaters, improvers and private students will be announced on Friday.


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