Professional Development Webinars launched in consultation of Pakistan and United States

US Embassy in Islamabad with collaboration of National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) had launched professional development webinars. A series of webinars have been launched by mutual consultation between the authorities of Pakistan and United States of America. Webinars are aimed at assessing the performances of students in online education. Rector NAHE said webinars of such type will help in smoothening the transition from traditional to online teaching programs. Moreover, the crisis posed by corona virus can be dealt only with mutual consultation.

Rector NAHE also stated that US has constantly helped the academicians of developing countries and this will serve the need of improving student performance. He also stressed that this is highly beneficial for NAHE to co-host the webinars and that too live. Webinars are being broadcasted live from US, whereas, leading the sessions is Director of Design School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Virginia. VC, Faculty and Admin staff from over 80 universities in Pakistan has been engaged in these webinars.


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