Private Schools vs. Parents debate continues on fee reduction

Provinces had advised all private schools to reduce their fees by 20% in the month of March, however, none of the schools have agreed to it. Sindh High Court (SHC) has been one of the major places in which this debate has heated up between government and the association of private schools. The law officers of Sindh government have made it public that the final decision regarding the fee reduction shall be agreed on till 10th June, 2020.

Case originated in SHC as few parents filed a petition stating the implementation of Emergency Relief Ordinance. In response to that, few of the private schools and their association filed a petition by highlighting the challenging aspects of the ordinance for the schools. The private schools have agreed to offer concession only if government offers subsidies as reduction in fee can have vulnerable impact on the schools. Debate continued for days, weeks and now a month, hence, the two-judge bench has advised parties of the petition to finalize the issue between them until 10th June.


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