Private Schools reduce their fees by 20% in Islamabad

Educational institutes in Islamabad have finally themselves taken a transforming decision of reducing fees by 20%. The long standing issue of reducing fees by schools in Sindh and Punjab got heated and is still in middle of whether it will be done or not. But Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) of Islamabad has ordered all private schools to reduce fees of private schools by 20%. The fees of all private schools will continue to be reduced until the normalization of the situation.

However, this reduction will not be valid for O and A levels’ final year students. All of the schools are also allowed to intake new students with ensuring the collection of school leaving certificates. On similar grounds, schools are also advised to issue school leaving certificates to those students, whose parents are not willing to continue their education. The certificates shall be granted after the payment of dues. PEIRA has advised all schools to comply with the reduction notification as avoiding such decision will cause serious actions against all such private schools.


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