Private Schools decide to Protest against Closure of Educational Institutes

Private schools has rejected the decision to close their schools for such long period. They have decided to protest against closure of Educational institute. For students are getting disturbed to continue their studies online. Also owner of these institute are facing huge lose. The association’s president, Malik Abrar, said that

“Due to the school closure, hundreds of students are out of school, while thousands of teachers have lost their jobs.”

Malik Abrar purported that the government desires to get foreign funds by keeping educational institutions closed, and notified that if their demands are not met, they will march to Islamabad’s D-Chowk on March 31.

“The protests will start in the capital and then spread across the country.”

COVID-19 third wave has been creating an alarming situation for students to continue their education. Ministry of education has decided to close the school till the COVID 19 is out of control. It is decided to close the educational institutions till 11 April and further decision will be taken in a meeting of 7 April to decide the extend closure time of schools.

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