President Alvi on Quality Education and Artificial Intelligence

Islamabad: On Thursday 10th January 2019 President Dr. Arif Alvi talked to the students of Baltistan University. He said that Pakistan can progress and prosper if provided with quality education and better health facilities. He further stressed the importance of the provision of quality education and health care to eradicate poverty from Pakistan.

However, while addressing the students of Baltistan University the President ensured them about government’s interest in developing the beautiful region of Pakistan and to develop Gilgit Baltistan to bring it on the surface. Furthermore, Dr. Alvi emphasized the importance of Artificial Intelligence and acknowledged it as the prime need of the hour. He elaborated the role of Artificial Intelligence in increasing the export of the state. Therefore Dr. Alvi shared that he has taken Presidential initiative in Karachi for Artificial Intelligence and computing. In addition, the initiative is to spread to other cities as well.  

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