PMC approves to increase seats in Medical Colleges for tribal students.

A meeting was held in which all the secretaries of the health department were called to take the decision to increase seats in medical and dental colleges.   The secretaries were given the order to check the colleges that can increase seats with proper facilities to the students. On the same day, they identified the name of the colleges that were able to add more students.

Pakistan medical commission has granted permission to increase seats in medical colleges of Peshawar. According to sources, it is informed that Bacha Medical College, Bacha Khan Dental College, Khyber Girls Medical College (KGMC) and Swat Dental College was requesting to   Khyber Medical University to increase their number of seats due to large no applications of the students of FATA.  The seats will be increased after analysing the capacity of the colleges to absorb former Fata students. Analysis condition was implemented due to objection raised by The MNAs belonging to former Fata, under the leadership of Sajid Khan Mohmand, the chairman of National Assembly’s Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions.

Universities cannot accommodate extra students having lower infrastructure. This can lead to bad quality of medical education in the province. The one solution is to increase the budget. In this regard, the universities that increased the number of students in their relevant programs raised their annual budget. KGMC has admitted fifty more students in their last session and the same they are willing to do in the recent year, and to sustain their progress Government has allowed a budget of 500 million RS to maintain and improve its infrastructure.  

Last year the increment of students was 272 from 136 seats, that was double than the previous year in just one action. Other provinces had almost doubled their seats from 38 to 78 due to the increasing amount of applications in the country.  This also shows positive impacts of increasing the literacy rate.

The summary is official authorised “Quota of Fata students in education, health, and other institutions should be doubled and retained for 10 years after re-integration with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” by the Federal cabinet.

There are few universities that refused to increase their number of seats due to their infrastructure issues.  Khyber Medical College Peshawar and Ayub Medical College Abbottabad refused to admit more students due to their adequate seats for 250 students and space issues. 

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