PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Kohsar University in Murree Yesterday

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Kohsar University Muree on Friday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan speaking during the inauguration ceremony of Kohsar University in Murree on Friday, April 23, 2021

Murree’s Punjab House has also been merged in the Kohsar University to enlarge its campus and academic blocks. The special disciplines of Hotel Management and Tourism are being presented at the university in addition to the Arts and Sciences aptitudes and the general subjects to produce competent persons for the Hotel Management and Tourism sector.

During the inauguration, PM has shown a high concern of studies in progress. He said that the inauguration of the university will also give a boost to tourism in the area. Not only this, Pakistan can earn a lot of revenue through tourism as compared to exports.

In addition, he said “The government has to accommodate to the needs of the masses, take care of their health, and give them access to education”

He gave stress on the importance of high education in Murree describing that Murree is the most visited and targeted tourist point where there is no proper system of education and health facilities. There is only Hospital in Nathia Gali. He said that “An illiterate, poor person works hard by performing manual labour but does not receive enough compensation for that” the PM said. "If you give some technical education to the same person or teach them some skills, they can earn much more.

PM Imran Khan says during university inauguration “only education can change people's fates”



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