PINS Young Doctors Conducts 7-Brain Tumors Surgeries in a Day

A team of young doctors has successfully operated 7-patients surgeries suffering from a brain tumor in a single day at the Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences (PINS). In addition, the patients including a teenage girl and 2 women have been kept under the highly sensitive observation for post-operative care.

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Neuro-surgery was an oversensitive and tactful operative practice handled by the most efficient assistant professors and responsible senior registrars of the neuro-surgery unit-I. A team of seven young doctors, including Dr. Babar Butt, Dr. Amir Aziz, Dr. Sikandar Ali, Dr. Emmad Nasir, Dr. Ijaz Butt, Dr, Hotti and Dr. Fahim Usman operated outrageous tumors from the female patients by surgeries.    

An official said that the team of young doctors had participated well in a highly complicated surgery while appreciating their courage and wisdom. He further addressed that PINS had the shortage of senior surgeons because of budget constraints.

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It was for the first time in the medical history of Pakistan that a bunch of young neurosurgeons was allowed to handle the risky surgeries. On that marvelous time, Prof. Rizwan Butt, the head of the unit admired the united effort of young doctors and the responsible surgery for Posterior Fossa Tumor.    

Posterior Fossa Tumor is a sort of Brain Tumor located near the skull of the body. This horrendous tumor may become unconscious to the patient. It may cause paralysis and permanent headaches to the patients.

Prof. Rizwan Butt further said that 400 to 450 patients of neurosurgery treat at the Punjab Institute of Neuro-Sciences.  

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