PEF Managing Director Makes Promises To The Staff Of Partner Schools

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) awarded ISO-9001: 2015 certification on Wednesday. It was awarded on the quality management to Punjab Education Foundation (PEF). The managing director of PEF Tariq Mehmood has congratulated on the achievements of the Academic development unit (ADU). He gave the wise speech for the setting and printing of question papers for Quality Assurance Test (QAT). Tariq Mehmood said a comprehensive procedure for the compilation and the conduction of the results through the Quality Assurance Test (QAT).

The Director of PEF also said; all the procedures related to QAT were found compatible with the international standards during the audit while UKAS had awarded the certification. A special meeting was held where all the regional heads including Rawalpindi and Multan were present. The MD preside a weekly progress review over the meeting at PEF head office. He appreciated the best performance of those partner schools that performed their duties properly. The MD also discussed the funds’ release issue. He said; when he would receive the funds then he would issue the monthly payment of June.

The owners of PEF partner schools and their teachers were protesting over non-payment of the monthly fee. The students were not giving them their fees. The PEF partner schools have threatened to close all the schools in the province. They criticized the system of PEF administration. They alleged that the administration is not paying the debt and the three years are very crucial for them to survive. 

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