PEC announces the result of 8th class

The result of 8th class has finally been announced, and 87% percent of the students who participated in exams has been successful, and the least performant district was Lahore. The last numbers were ranked relative to the results in all 36 districts. In accordance with details, the result of the 8th class will be announced today but the names of the position holders were announced yesterday. No student from Lahore has been considered a position holder, this year. The first position holder is from Burawala, who’s name is Shazail Maqsood, and has the mark of 496 marks under his belt. In the second position, there is Muhammad Shahbaz an on the third one is a student from Daska named Abdul Wahaf. The fourth and fifth position belongs to Iman Fatima and Aliha Maryam respectively. Since Lahore was the least performant district, it was ranked last among the competing thirty-six districts.


Even the last year, Lahore’s performance was not among the best and this year it’s worse because of the fact that sixty-eight thousand four hundred and twenty-seven students participated in examinations while only forty-eight thousand six hundred and sixty-eight passed. Given the aforementioned, the rate of success was just from Lahore was just 71 percent. On the other hand, the three most performant districts were Chinot, Jabkah, and then Okada. The total number of students who participated in exams is about one million.


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