Peace Training at PU

Lahore: Punjab University’s Institute of Applied Psychology has arranged three days training workshop to promote the lesson of peace through the medium of arts and culture. The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Center for Health and Gender Equality and the College of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  

The training included lectures, plays, communicative activities, and brainstorming session. The students from both institutions attended the training. The training was accompanied by famous journalists. However, they also delivered lectures on the ways to prevent violence and promote peace.

Prof. Dr. Farah Malik, Director of Institute of Applied Psychology PU discussed the Importance of promoting peace in the contemporary era. She highlighted the role of arts and culture in achieving the objective.  The training was specially designed for the students to encourage them to participate in such activities.

Such workshops are the need of time as violence has increased to a great extent and people have become less tolerant towards each other.

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