Pakistani student set a record by bagging 29 gold medals in MBBS

Undoubtedly, there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan and if you have the dedication and passion for something, no power in the world can turn you away from that mission.
One such feat was achieved by Hafiz Muhammad Waleed Malik from Pakistan by getting 29 gold medals during his MBBS studies.
To get gold medal during medical studies, a student has to score more than 85% marks or the highest marks in the class.
Hafiz Muhammad Waleed Malik has set a record not only in Pakistan but worldwide by winning 29 gold medals during his MBBS studies.
In this regard, the world record holder gold medalist Waleed Malik said that when he enrolled in MBBS, there were some difficulties in the beginning, but then he worked hard, which led to success.
Before Hafiz Waleed Malik, this honor was held by a student of King's Edwards Medical College who had won 23 gold medals during her doctoral studies.
Apart from this, another medical student, Dr. Shahzad, also made the name of his parents and the country famous by getting 21 gold medals.

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