Pakistani in The List of Top 40 Scientists of The World

The British magazine named as, The Analytical Scientist has published the list of top 40 scientists of the world. The list includes Dr. Muhammad Farooq Wahab. He is a Pakistani national.  The list is made on the basis of achievements in the scientific field. Dr. Farooq is designated currently in University of Texas, USA as a scientist in chemistry and biochemistry department. He is son of late Dr. Abdul Wahab who was Vice Chancellor at University of Karachi. Dr. Farooq has secured 5 gold medals from University of Karachi during his master’s degree in Chemistry.

According to the Managize , Dr. Farooq is the youngest Pakistani Scientist who has accomplish the research at this level. He has achieved the fastest separations in 0.5-1 cm in homemade columns. He has also developed a mathematical process by which chromatographers can operate columns above their peak capacity known as ‘Peak processing’.


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