Pakistani Boy Murdered in Australia

A 29-year old Muslim Pakistani student, Zeeshan Akbar has been murdered by two Australian teenagers. An Australian police took both of them into the interrogation custody.

According to the sources, both teenage murderers attacked over the Pakistani boy with the multiple stabs. Zeeshan worked as a service station employee in Queanbeyan, stabbed by two boys aged 15 to 16. The Nimaz e Janaza was held at Sydney. The entire Pakistani community has saddened on this horrific act attempted by two immature boys.  

 Police have arrested taking over in New South Wales police on Friday morning. Both the Australian murderers stabbed to kill with the sharp blade, snatching the service station cash. The Pakistani High Commissioner, Naila Chohan said that Zeeshan was as an immigrant in Australia for over eight years.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull reacted shocked about the unpredictable attempt by the Australian teenagers. Sources said maybe it’s a terrorist activity from the cover agency. The Deputy Commissioner, Catherine Burn, while briefing after the physical evidence at the crime scene, viewed that this might be an act of terrorism.

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