Pakistan Wants to Enhance an Educational Cooperation with Turkmenistan

Pakistan and Turkmenistan are on the way to make an alliance in higher education. The minister of Professional Training and for Federal Education, M.Yousaf Shaikh prescribed for the betterment of Pakistan- Turkmenistan cooperation in higher education.   

Muhammad Yousaf Shaikh elaborates on the establishment of linkage in higher education institutions of the two countries. Pakistan wants to spread the collaboration with the government of Turkmenistan in the field of education. He further explained the linkages in higher education institutions, exchange of scholars and researches of the two countries.  

Muhammad Yousaf Shaikh met to the ambassador of Turkmenistan Atadjan Movlamov. Both of them discussed the improvement and incumbent of education. Muhammad Yousaf Shaikh said that both the countries were brotherly countries. Turkmenistan agreed on the establishment of higher education with the association of Pakistan.

  The ambassador of Turkmenistan, Atadjan Movlamov invited to the minister for the participation of Pakistan’s representative in International conference and exhibition “Education and Sports in prosperous Epoch of the powerful state” to be held on November 13-14. 

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