Pakistan now offering visa-on-arrival to 24 countries to promote tourism

The tourism friendly countries are being offered on-arrival visa, announced Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority on Friday.

Visa-on-arrival service will be valid for the group tourists from 24 countries "if the tour is organised through designated tour operators in Pakistan," according to a notification posted on the official Twitter account of the aviation authority.

China, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, the United Kingdom and the United States are some of the nations entitled for the new visa policy.

"Please talk to one of the Immigration Officers or the designated Visa Officer on arrival for additional information and list of tour operators," the notification said.

Tourism is going on a rise since 2016 as the number of international tourists has tripled as compared to the statistics of just three years ago, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) data confirmed.

Pakistan is tourists’ heaven and a great support for the economy of Pakistan as tourism’s contribution to be estimated about 19.4 billion USD which is around 7% of total GDP of Pakistan.

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