Pakistan’s First Labor School Provides Free Education to Unprivileged Children

Faisalabad has started spreading free education for the children of slums areas. Student Learning under Moon Project facilitates the children of slum areas. Moreover, it is designed in the open ground with solar plates called as Solar Night School. Children of slum areas join free classes after completing their works. Slum school is an educational body only for the underprivileged while more than 100 students are being served by the management of Faisalabad.    

This initiative provides uniforms, school bags, and books for the ease of children. Slum School stresses on the human development, basic ethics, and etiquette. It arranges different engaging activities like Family days, Ice Cream days, Mango Party, Orange Party, Art classes and all that.

The Founder of Pakistan’s First Labor School, Social Activist, and Educationist, Rohayl Varind designed the hidden infrastructure in 2016 only for the little flowers to Pakistan’s future. The manifesto of slum school has exhibited all over through the social media of Pakistan and other international media networks.       

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