Pakistan Collaborates with Kyrgyzstan in Higher Education Commission

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman, Dr. Tariq Banuri has given an invitation to the Kyrgyzstan University Vice-Chancellor for the joint researchers association between Pakistani and Kyrgyzstan Higher Education institutions. In addition, Chair of HEC, Dr. Tariq Banuri revealed during his meeting with an Ambassador of Kyrgyz Republic to Pakistan Erik Beishembiev at the Commission Secretariat.  

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Dr. Tariq Banuri concerned with VC of Kyrgyzstan to explore the avenues of collaboration for the academics and educationists in between both countries.  Ambassador Beishembiev said that both countries enjoyed the bilateral relations entertaining the cordial relations. He further added that Pakistan’s youth is much potential to do some huge and they have the capacity to turn the society by their admirations.

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While speaking, Ambassador Beishembiev said that the Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan would make in future a strong education system through their concreted support of bilateral relationship.

HEC Chairman, Dr. Tariq Banuri revealed his wish to solve some issues of Kyrgyz and work closely with its institutions. He further said that Pakistan had more expertise in various academics fields, including Agriculture, Micro-Biology, Bio-Technology, Medical, and other plots of fields and they can change the staring the medical and agricultural issues of Kyrgyz. Moreover, both governments made a prestigious promise that they will exchange the segments of technologies and the quality of education through the spontaneous flow of the bilateral relationship.             

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