Pakistan collaborates with Belarus to Strengthen Education and Professional Training

The Federal Educational and Professional Training Minister, Shafqat Mahmood Khan said that Pakistan’s Education is the first priority of newly appointed government and Pakistan will collaborate with Belarus in this prestigious cooperative field. In addition, he talked to the Belarus Ambassador, Andrei Ermolovich for the educational collaborations, held in Pakistan’s capital.

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Shafqat Mahmood Khan talked about to strengthen the field of education and professional training to Andre Ermolovich, Belarus Ambassador in an organized meeting in Islamabad.

The meeting was organized along with the Federal Educational and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood Khan, Belarus Ambassador Andrei Ermolovich, and Kyrgyzstan Ambassador, Erik Beishembiev.

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Shafqat Mahmood Khan called them only for the best collaborations of Educational field and Professional training. They discussed the skillful strategies to pull the top to the education of Pakistan. The meeting containing on two Ambassadors agreed on the establishment of cooperation between the varsities of Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan in the fields of Agriculture, Medicine, Defence, and highly strategic studies.

Consequently, the meeting concluded with one statement that they all will work on the promotion of skill developments and Pakistan’s education.               

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