Online Exam Policy finalized by Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

In view of pandemic, Higher Education Commission (HEC) had advised all the universities to come up with an online exam policy. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) has been one of those universities that have finalized their new exam policy as for the first time in the history of Pakistan’s education environment, online exams will be conducted across universities. The policy states three different modes of examination including online proctored exam, open book exam and lastly, take home exams.

Before appearing in the online exam, all the students would have to sign a statement containing agreement that no one has received any assistance regarding the exam. The online proctored exam will be conducting using Google Classroom with accessing it from official email ID provided by MAJU. If there are any internet connectivity issues or due to any other reasons, exam cannot be completed by a student in due time, they must inform via SMS on the emergency numbers provided.

Lastly, on the completion of exam, students will be required to submit their answer sheets by uploading it on google classroom. However, the unnumbered, missing and invisible pages will not be considered by university for the assessment. The policy document of online exam policy will also be circulated among students and faculty in the coming week.


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