Online exam policy announced by UVAS

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has advised all the universities to conduct online classes and set up a framework for conducting exams online. All of these decisions are taken in wake of COVID – 19, however, with other leading universities, UVAS has taken the lead in announcing the policy of examinations. Online exams are conducted for the first time, hence, there will be a mock test for familiarization of all students. Mock exams are to being from 15th June, 2020. Whereas, all examinations will be unseen and time bounded.

The policy further details that exams will be scheduled and conducted using Google Classrooms. Students of 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th semesters will be enrolled for final examinations, whereas, examination of 2nd semester is being postponed for any further orders. These examinations were scheduled from 11th May but were suspended due to corona virus. VC of UVAS said that these decisions are being taken for the benefit of students as the educational process is not hampered and we can collectively pass through this difficult period.


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