Online Classes and Examinations to be announced by Universities: HEC

Higher Education Commission called on a sudden meeting with all Vice Chancellors of private and public sector universities in which conduct of examination, online classes and admissions policy were discussed. The session decided that all universities will start online classes from 1st June, 2020 and the semesters which are in process will be completed for conducting its exam. If the situation of lockdown persists in the country, online examinations shall be conducted. Guidelines for all the online examinations will be presented by HEC to all private and public sector universities.

All the universities are advised to start new semesters from 15th September, whereas, the admissions will be opened in the month of July and the eligibility criteria shall be based on the results of 1st year. One of the senior officials of HEC said that guidelines for conducting online exams have already been shared with all VCs. The universities are required to prepare questions, quizzes and assignments which will be asked from the students in lieu of their marking for the current semester. The meeting was conducted using an online platform and while concluding the meeting, Chairman of HEC said that the basic purpose of examination is to reward students for their academic performance so that they can get successful in their lives.

A consensus was developed among all the institutes for announcing their examination and admissions policy within a week time as it was categorically mentioned that HEC will act in every possible manner to save the academic calendar.


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