Number of Pakistani students in China reaches to 22,000

Total number of Pakistani students in China increases to 22,000 with the addition of 2,500 students this year taking admission in Chinese universities, said a senior official of Pakistan Embassy in Beijing.

With this figure of 22,000, China has now become the biggest international destination for the Pakistani students seeking education in foreign universities. Around 3,000 Pakistani students are enrolled in PhD programmes while rest of the students are in different disciplines including engineering, economics, management, agriculture, medicine, information technology, communication and languages, he added.

These students have got admission in the universities under different scholarships and representing their countries in the form of a community in China which will increase person to person contact between two brotherly nations, according to experts.

Around 200,000 students from 64 different countries were studying in China last year, according to the statistics released by Chinese Ministry of Education.

Chinese universities are rising in their rankings with Peking University being the second best university in Asia and this quality education is drawing the students for a better future ahead after completing their degrees from these universities. 

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