No opening of Schools by 15 July: Ministry of Education

The news started circulating on social media that all schools and other educational institutes will be opened by 15th July. The government had announced the closure of schools in the month of March and then extended it till 15th July in the month of May. However, it was declared by Federal Government that situation will be assessed from time to time and depending upon the situation, decision of opening or extending the closure will be taken. Nevertheless, Minister of Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood has denied the news of opening up of schools and other educational institutes by 15th July which has been circulating on social media.

One of the famous Pakistani singer came to rescue the situation as he created a Twitter poll of whether this decision of opening up of schools is good or not. In response to that poll, Shafqat Mahmood tweeted that no such decision has been made. This became another source of information as general public were not aware of that. It shall be kept in mind that corona cases in the country have taken a sharp rise and lockdown has also been hardened by concerned authorities into some of the local towns. Opening up of schools in such a environment will not be a good decision at all. Private school associations have requested and also coerced government to open up the schools but government has denied the opening up of schools.

On the other end, government has requested all the institutes including schools now to start imparting education using online platforms. A tele-school channel was already launched which educates children from class 1 to 12. Similar practice will be followed in Radio as the government indicated last month due to outreach of radio in the country. At present, it is all the owners and associations vs. the government and concerned authorities, however, better sense needs to prevail in these testing times.

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