New academic year, the government has taken an important decision, great news for students

In Punjab, it has been decided to start the second phase of the uniform curriculum from the new academic year. The curriculum of 7 books of sixth to eighth grade will be made uniform for all schools.
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Raja Basharat chaired the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Legislative Affairs. Law Minister Khurram Shehzad Work, Communications Minister Ali Afzal Sahi attended. In the meeting, it was decided to start the second phase of the uniform syllabus from the new academic year, in which the syllabus of 7 books of 6th to 8th standard will be made uniform.
The syllabus of Urdu, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, General Science and Computer Science will be one. In the new curriculum, the number of lessons on the Prophet's story will be increased. There will be a chance.

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