NASA Touches Martian Soil



According to American time at 2:30 pm PST, (5:30 EST), NASA has received the picture immediately after landing its rover on Mars on 18 Feb 2021.

A golden moment and a great achievement for human beings by NASA. NASA is processing a program of Mars exploration to find the facts on the ground of this planet for life's existence.

On Thursday NASA successfully landed its rover on Mars’s ground. The US President Joe Biden greeted the "historic" event. The place where Rover landed, there was a Lake billion years ago and a river nearby as per images processing information. The main objective of this mission was to gather information about the Martian life relics.  The rover traveled for seven months in space to reach Mars and finally, they successfully print their step on the soil.

The time of “Touchdown” the Martian land was 3:55 pm EST confirmed by operations lead Swati Mohan. On this, the mission control team of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena overjoyed. The time difference between landing and news confirmation was due to signals traveling time through space to earth.


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