Murad Raas Announces to Open Schools in Remaining Districts

The Education Minister Punjab “Murad raas” has told in a tweet on his twitter account that:

“The issue of Public and Private schools that are still closed in Districts of Punjab was discussed in the last NCOC meeting. The remaining Districts will have a staggered approach opening from Monday June7th, 2021. Please follow SOPs issued by the Government”



 Before that, there was a meeting held between all provincial educational ministers. It was decided in the meeting that there will be no student promotion without exams. In this a meeting, strategy was discussed and all possible solutions were reviewed to conduct exams.

Remember: schools has been opened in those areas where the covid-19 ratio is less than 5%. Now according to the tweet of Murad Raas, remaining schools of remaining districts will be open from Monday June7th 2021.


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