More than 1,000 schools to be upgraded to matriculation level in Punjab

School Education Department has announced to upgrade more than 1,000 schools from primary and middle level to matriculation level. Out of these numbers, few had already been upgraded in Multan and Muzaffargarh. The report of Education Ministry of Punjab shows that 39 schools in Multan and 40 in Muzaffargarh will be able to conduct matriculation classes from next academic session.

A notification has been issued by School Education Department to all those schools across 36 districts of Punjab which are selected for upgradation purpose. Notification was issued on 8th June to all those schools. All the upgraded schools will not receive any special or developmental funds neither from government nor any department until 2 academic sessions. However, the senior most teacher, who can be either male or female will act as the headmaster or headmistress of these schools.


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