Moawin Foundation to Upgrade 10 Schools

Islamabad: The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) allows Moawin Foundation to help develop 10 schools under the public-private partnership model. The schools which are to be renovated are situated in the rural areas.

The Moawin Foundation aims at developing quality education and providing vocational training to students in rural areas by making agreement with the government for the schools they pick to mentor in rural areas. The Foundation’s head Chief Admiral M Asif Sandila would monitor the execution of development plan. The prime motive of Moawin is to develop the public sector schools according to the latest educational system.

The  agreement by FDE does not give the Foundation complete authority over the schools as the matter of fact the FDE will continue to practice control  over staff members, the syllabus and the building whereas the foundation will renovate the building and provide the school with all necessary arrangements such as supply of clean drinking water.

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