Misconducts of private medical colleges have crumbled the degree-value, SC notes

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on hearing the suo motto case of excessive fee increment of private medical colleges asked for an explanation from Pakistan Medical and Dental Council's (PMDC) former vice-president, Dr Asim Hussain as why the PMDC created policies which profited the private medical colleges.

The Chief Justice also noted that misconducts in private medical colleges have crumbled tha value of Pakistani degree at the international level.

"We don't get respect at international universities because our degrees have lost their value," the Chief justice remarked.

 "These last four days, we've been contemplating declaring illegal all the admissions by private medical colleges," he further said.

The court also cleared that the suo motto action is not limited to the institutions in Punjab but all the colleges across the country are under observation.

After issuing a notice to the PMDC, the Supreme Court adjourned the hearing.


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