Minister of School Education Indicates to Close Daanish School

Punjab Minister of School Education, Dr. Murad Raas indicated that Daanish Schools are non-profitable for the economy of Pakistan. In addition, he held a meeting for further briefings for the directives of schools.  

OPF to Allocate Rs 30 Million to Overseas Pakistani Students

A New one selected Provisional Minister of Education; Dr. Murad Raas held a charge of his ministry in Minister Block. Further, he said that if Pakistan’s government would have a strong condition to afford the expenses of Daanish schools then it would be feasible to open them in Punjab sector.

Daanish Schools are the free education Schools in Punjab. 110 students of boys and girls admit in each school.  Only 10 students pay the allocated fee, while other 100 students get an education on merit-based scholarships. The project was commenced in 2010.

HEC Approves the Establishment of GCUF Sub-Campus in Hafizabad

Moreover, Dr. Murad Raas has ordered to get the feasibility report of the Daanish Schools which were opened in the different regions of Punjab.            

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