Mehwish Hayat lauds gold medalist student for making family proud

Famous actress Mehwish Hayat tweet a very heart winning story of a girl student who is daughter of fruit seller who made her parents proud.

Story was shared on Twitter by Mehwish on Friday morning about the girl student of Faisalabad for winning the gold medal after completing her MSc Economics degree from university in Lahore.

Mehwish Hayat


She tweeted: "Most touching news! These parents need to be lauded for the sacrifices they made 2 get their daughter educated. However, education should be a right for every1 equally not just for the privileged few who can afford it. Good education should be available 2 all."

Tamgha-e-Imtiaz actress usually shares stories and recently she tweeted her experience about women washroom in Karachi airport.

She said toilets are dirty, smelly and not comfortable for use. There she also saw cockroaches crawling in toilets. Actress, ask the authorities for clean the toilet are properly.

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