Matriculation exams paper checking to start from 29th June: Education Boards

Keeping the long heated debate from last few months regarding the papers and promotions of students studying in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th classes has come to a never ending point. However, the students of 10th class needs to get excited as their paper checking will start from 29th June. The only exams which were conducted successfully were 10th class exams and it was agreed by all boards and government officials that those papers will be marked and students will be awarded marks on those papers. Similar marks and grades will be awarded in practical papers too.

All the educational boards informed their provincial governments regarding their preparations for paper checking but none of them was granted permission owing to spread of corona virus. Nevertheless, as far as educational boards of Punjab are concerned, the permission to initiate assessment has been granted. Paper checking shall be completed within three months and results to be declared in the month of October as per one of the key officials of a board.


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