Marks to be awarded using previous results if exams are cancelled

The situation in the country is at a stoppage point owing to the deadly virus. Educational authorities in Sindh have made it public that students will be awarded marks based on previous results if the matric and inter exams are cancelled. The decision was taken in a meeting of all the seven educational boards of Sindh. All the boards were of the view that exams shall be conducted in any possible manner but a lengthy discussion took place in which all the challenges were also discussed.

Implementation of social distancing in examination centers can be a daunting task and this can double up the setting up of examination centers. Paper pattern of the examination was also discussed at length and as shortened as an objective type paper can be used for conducting exams. The decision of granting marks to the students based on an average marks awarding formula was reached mutually in the presence of all educational boards of Sindh. Final decision has been communicated in writing to Ministry of Education and same is used for obtaining approval.


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