Malala Directs to the Female Students of Las Vegas at VMware Annual Conference

Malala Yousafzai, the Noble Peace Prize Winner, spoke on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, at Las Vegas Tech conference, detailing her damages condemned from terrorists’ attacks and veto against women education from the extremists’ society.    

Further, Malala narrated about her own difficulties in getting an education in Pakistan and the importance of women education for getting an empowerment of women. In this VMware annual conference, every woman got marvelous inspiration with respect to the importance of an education.

Malala demands free Education for girls globally.

VMware is a cloud computing technology company has donated a copy of the book to libraries at all Clark County School District middle and high schools.

She gave a motivational speech on Tuesday for extolling the woman’s education at this event. She further told that she has forgiven the terrorists what attacked by them because Islam gives the lesson of kindness and tolerance.    

G7 initiates for girls’ free education.

In addition, female students who attended the conference each received a copy of Yousafzai’s book, “I am Malala”.

Dell, a Technology company also donated 50 computers to the underprivileged female students.

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