Malala demands free Education for girls globally.

Malala Yousufzai, who is the Pakistani activist for girls education has raised her voice for the fundamental rights of girls’ education. She has urged the scheme of 12 years of free education for girls around the world.

A video was released on Twitter, in which the young Noble laureates Malala draws attention on the issue of girls’ education and also illustrates the benefits of 12 years education. She further explains the advantages of this scheme that it would be helpful for our economy, reduce conflicts, and improve public health.

Malala has stated a general overview that: It is not only a question for a nation and country but it’s a question for 7.6 billion people around the world.

She has given the optimistic approach to the people and gives a manifesto to invest on the free excess to 12 years education for every girl still in every country of the world.

She emphasizes that the problem is not only about the hundred and thirty million girls out of school, but also the thirty million opportunities being missed for the future. She has raised her voice in different countries like G7 summit this week in Canada, including G20 summit Argentina and G7 summit France to challenge against girls education.  

She has given the message that this is not only for these countries but also for every country and every nation.

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