Learn Fest Lahore 2019

Lahore: The Learn Fest Lahore is going to be held on 22nd March 2019.  It is a 3 days long fest. The event is organized by the Management House. The extravaganza will commence on 22nd March under the slogan “Apni Duniya Aap Peda Kar” which means "make your own world".

The event includes Movies with discussions, Art exhibitions, bestselling books review, career counseling, parenting insight, on spot hiring, entrepreneurship ideas, awards ceremony etc.  It is one of the grandest events related to learning. The event is organized especially for the CEOs, Professionals, Job seekers, Innovators, Students, Parents and families. The registration of the event is open now. You can register for Learn Fest 2019 easily by logging on to www.managementhouse.co

The event will conclude with the participation certificates distribution and Sufi musical night. The event is information plus entertainment. It is recommended for everyone to register for the amazing Learn Feast Lahore 2019. 


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