Leading universities working without a Head, affecting administrative and financial matters

Higher Education Commission (HEC) is responsible for the regularization of academic affairs but governance of the public sector institutes is directly managed by government. One of the key issues pointed out on numerous occasions is that major public sector universities are working without a formal head. Three major universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is working without any administrative or financial heads. Positions have been vacant due to retirement of Vice Chancellors.

According to the KP Universities Act, 2012, a Pro – Vice Chancellor will assume power till an appointment of regular VC. The duration of VCs’ of UET, Bacha Khan University, and Women University in Mardan had expired on 8th June, 2020. However, the appointments of Pro-VCs’ were to be approved by Higher Education Department but no such approval has been obtained. UET had sent their approval to the department but no such step has been taken in the other two universities.


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