KPK students object by protesting on NTS irresponsible behaviour: PST Paper leakage

Students of Dir, Battagram, and Bannu were in protesting against the irresponsible behaviour of National Testing Service (NTS). The point of objection was that the primary school teaching test paper was already leaked and circulating on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media services, before the paper date and time.

Students were disappointed and in anger on shameful act played by NTS staff.  They raised a question mark on the future of the youth, country and Government's plan of action in their previous promises.

They said that now it is common trend in Pakistan that papers are being leaked but in NTS, it is regular but not new. Protesters claimed that recent government is entirely failed to maintain transparent recruitment system in the country. Moreover corruption and negligence is not being reduced by the officials. Mismanagement has gone to top level but the system has down to lowest level of its maintenance.

 A protestor, appeared in NTS test for PST recruitment in Dir, said:

"We saw snaps and pictures of the entire test papers on Facebook and WhatsApp."

Not only this, students in protest also claimed that there was no prohibition of mobile phones in the examination centers instead invigilators on the time were also giving them full help and security in this regard. No management and proper system was reflecting through the bahaviour of staff present in examination hall.

On asking a student replied that government is fully supporting to such black system due to which merely a quarter of the participating candidates get seats though NTS, rest of the seats are already taken, promised or sold. He put a question mark on the performance of the recent government in maintaining transparent and uncorrupted recruitment system and blamed for ruining the future of youth.

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