KPK Announces Dates for Matric and Intermediate Exams

Chaired by Dr. Shaukat Hayat, the meeting look over the pandemic situation in detail and decided to organize matric exams from June 23 and intermediate exams from June 24. The decision concerning the practical exams will be taken later.

Moreover the government has set the corona vaccination certificate mandatory for the hired staff. The exams pattern will be the same as old because the in the delicate situation of covid-19 and schools closed pattern was seen for more than 6 months. Therefore no risk will be taken and no experience will be make on the future of the students so the exams pattern will be the same as was in old times.

It was also decided in the meeting that, covid-19 situation will be reviewed before practical exams once again. If there will be improvement in the situation then the exams will be conducted otherwise practical exams will be postponed.


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