KMC appoint Dr. Muqeem as Acting Dean

Dr. Muqeem, currently working as the Incharge in one of the surgical wards of Khyber Medical College will now serve as Acting Dean at the college. The position of Dean was previously held by Prof. Dr. Noor ul Imran for a period of three years. After retiring from the position of Acting Dean, Dr. Imran will now be heading the Medicine department at KMC. The position of Dean is not officially handed over to Dr. Muqeem, therefore, he will be working as Acting Dean.

Dr. Rooh ul Muqeem is a renowned laparoscopic surgeon in the country. He previously held the position of Medical Director for the medical teaching institute. The notification of Acting Dean mentioned that Dr. Muqeem has an excellent academic and research credentials. He already is quite respected amongst the staff and students. His professional competence along with his self-respect, morality and capability are the best fit for the position of Dean at KMC.


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